University Courses

We offer a wide range of University courses abroad such as Foundation, Pre-sessional, Bachelor and Masters.


There is a wide range of career possibilities such as Engineering, Business, Pharmacy and other Science, Law, Education and many more so our counsellors are keen to analyse your specific situation and discuss the main subjects you are interested in. Then we will help you to find a suitable course level and the field you wish to study according to your previous academic studies and your career aspirations as these will determine the number of years you will need to study abroad.

The English requirements and documents needed to apply vary a great deal depending on your course of interest and the level of study.

Find a list of the main university course levels that we can offer in different countries:


These courses are designed for international students as a pathway before starting a Bachelor course. These courses usually last 6-9 months and help you to develop your skills before you start the undergraduate degree course. Some of the subjects you study during this time will be general and some of them specific to the degree you are going to study.


Take your time to think about what you would like to study at university, our counsellors can also help you by providing detailed information about course content to help you to identify your preferred career. We will check to see whether your previous qualifications are a good fit for the courses and universities you are interested in. Bear in mind, that certain countries allow you to enter the course at a more advanced level if you have already completed certain studies such as Diploma or another higher education qualification, so contact us to know more about it!


The structure of a Master and the number of years varies from one institution to another and from country to country. Generally, the level of English required for a postgraduate course is slightly higher that for a bachelor’s degree. If you have decided on the future direction of your career and wish to study in the UK, let us provide you with the best possible information and support in order to fulfil your ambition. Studying a Postgraduate course or Masters abroad will add even more prestige to your CV.


If you want to study in a university and still haven’t reached the required English level that your course needs, you could study a pre-sessional English course at the same university. This English course equips you with the English language skills that you need before starting your degree course. The duration of these courses depends on the mark you attained in your current English test.

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