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Below you can find a list of the main services Easy Apply offers to our students. For a more personalised information, please contact us.


Are you feeling a bit confused? Are you not sure which type of language course to choose? What are the requirements for your university course? Which documents we would need for your applications? How long does it take? How can you get a visa? Where to study? Accommodation? How much would it cost?

No worries! Do you want to know how easy is to study abroad with us? Give us a call, WhatsApp us or come to our office, we are open seven days a week! Our experienced counsellors will listen carefully to you and after they have taken into consideration your situation and your needs, they will recommend the best options for you.

Our services do not finish when you get your admissions sorted. We will not leave you half-way. Also, as we often have staff living close-by in the country where you will be studying, it ensures we can quickly support you when you most need it. You will have a fully personalised experience with Easy Apply!



Have you chosen the right course for you? Then, it’s time to sort out the documents. Depending on which type of course and country you want, we will require different information from you and we will let you know exactly what this is. We will save your time and make a sometimes-difficult process much easier for you.


Once you have provided us with all the documents required, we will proceed with the appropriate application making contact directly with your chosen university/school. We will do everything for you! Once you have been accepted, we will send the acceptance offer to you and will support you in meeting the requirements to accept your offer and with the next steps to get your Visa.


The decision of studying abroad is very important, it will change your life! We will give you support in applying for a Government or University scholarship. Support in this stage of the process is crucial so we will let you know about:

  • Scholarships available and deadlines
  • How to apply for a scholarship
  • Offer approvals
  • Sponsorship process/Monthly allowances claim.
  • Requirements and universities listed as recognised for those scholarships and by your ministry.


Not sure which visa you should apply for? Are you travelling with your family and children and you are not aware of what type of visa they need as a dependant? You wish to extend your study programme and do not know if you have to renew your visa? There are many questions that we face when we travel abroad so do not feel overwhelmed, we are here to help you.

Here at Easy Apply we have experienced team members dedicated to supporting you with any Visa question, they will guide you with the Visa application process in full. We have helped over a thousand students to get their visa issued for many countries such as the UK, the USA, Australia, Ireland and many other European countries.

Contact us and we will ensure that your procedures run smoothly with a good guidance on:

  • UK Visa – Tier 4, Student Visitor Visa, Electronic Visa Waiver or Dependant visa.
  • USA Visa – F1 Visa or “ESTA”
  • European Visa – Schengen Visa
  • Ireland, Australia and other countries


English requirements can be satisfied in different countries with different test: UKVI IELTS, Academic IELTS, Pearson (PTE), TOEFL, etc, each one according to the chosen course and destination.

There are some other academic tests to bear in mind according to your destination and study programme, such as UCAT (mainly for medical/dentistry degrees in the UK), SAT and ACT (required by some universities for a bachelor degree in the USA), GRE (needed for admissions to many Master’s degrees in the USA and Canada), GMAT ( similar to GRE but this one is mainly used to gain entrance into an MBA programme).


Have you chosen where you are going to study but still unsure of where to live? It is very important to us that you feel comfortable living abroad, this is why we help you choose the best accommodation according to your preferences:

  • HOMESTAY: Living with a host family is the most popular choice for students whose main purpose is learning a new language abroad. You will not only get the chance to speak the language with native speakers, but it is also a full immersion experience in a new culture.
  • STUDENTS RESIDENCE: The residential accommodation provides comfort and security away from home and gives you the opportunity to be part of an international student community. The universities and schools sometimes offer their students the possibility of staying in self-catering residences or catered residences.
  • RENTING PRIVATE ACCOMMODATION: A private flat will give you independence, letting you choose where you want to live and who you want to live with. You will also need to make sure you know the country’s regulations, as in some countries such as the UK there are certain taxes to pay when renting a private flat and certain exemptions. Contact us for more information.


We know how stressful it can be to plan your travel abroad and how to reach your destination, especially when you can’t speak the same language as the locals. Our counsellors would be happy to recommend the most suitable flight connections from home to the city of your choice and advise you on how to reach your final destination.

Public transport in countries like UK and USA works very well, but we can also make special arrangements with local taxi companies that can take you to your destination. More information on request.

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